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How to Make Your ERP Investment Back in Less than a Year.

In 2014, Jacmar Automation bought Fidelio ERP. A year later, they had already made back their investment, thanks to the benefits of the management system. How is that possible? We went to the source to find out.

The trigger

Why change for a new management software? “ We wanted to jump into the 2000’s.”, candidly presents Gabriel Jacques, vice-president and co-owner of Jacmar Automation, distributor of electronic components and integrator of automated systems. Indeed, the previous DOS system did no longer match their expectations. They dreamed of a better control over project costs, of a more rigorous inventory management, of online transactions… In short, the company needed a more efficient management software that would give them control over their data while saving time.

The revolution

During the interview, the enthusiasm is tangible. Fidelio didn’t disappoint. “ Fidelio completely changed our business.” , says Gabriel Jacques. The economic returns are concrete and work is done more easily. It’s in the numbers and that’s something to be proud of!

The magic (a return on investment within a year!)

Where Fidelio literally exceeded expectations is at the supplier discount management level. In the end, they were able to double their claims compared with the previous year. This strongly contributed to the excellent return on investment. Actually, it’s Gabriel Jacques’s TOP favorite advantage.

How does it work? How to reach such results? Contact us for more details.

FAVORITE #2 - Delivery management

Life is no longer the same with delivery management: everything is now automated. What took a day to achieve now takes one or two hours. And we do more! Before, it would have been unthinkable to attempt to do so many follow-ups with the customer about planned delivery dates. That would have been too complicated to manage.

We would have a lot to say about this (multisupplier purchase suggestions, min/max management, automated direct deliveries etc.). Every detail of delivery management fascinates us! Are you interested? Contact us to know how Fidelio could help you.

FAVORITE #3 - Inventory management

There are much fewer delivery and inventory errors than before. The inventory management has improved significantly.

FAVORITE #4 -Price management

Maximal efficiency and autonomy. No longer needing to deal with an external firm to update their prices, Jacmar Automation took control of their data. Everything is up to date, there’s no processing time.

FAVORITE #5 - Custom performance indicators

Tracking everything in real time is fascinating and that inspires to take action, to take the right decisions. Jacmar Automation even went as far as creating a report to visualize its presence throughout Quebec: on the map, smaller or bigger points testify to the company’s activity. It must be said that Gabriel Jacques is pretty good in SQL programming, but otherwise, the Fidelio team is there to take care of it!

In brief, process automation is the absolute best!

In the era of smart factories, the industrial distributor also finds its interest with Fidelio. Take advantage of our expert advice by planning a free personalized consultation.

How was the choice of the ERP software made at the very beginning of the adventure?

What made Fidelio stand out from other ERP software when it was the time to select a new system? The key factor in that choice was the ability of the Commsoft Technologies team to develop functionalities for Jacmar Automation, according to their needs. Since the Fidelio development team is based in Quebec, nearby in Montreal, the company foresaw a much more fluid and flexible communication that would promote solutions, side by side.

We can guess that they made the right choice…

Are you an industrial distributor too?

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