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Fidelio Chosen by a Food Processing Plant to Improve its Processes

A leader in food processing Since 2010, our new client produces pasteurized frozen meals as well as a variety of sauces. They have put their trust in Fidelio and the services of Commsoft Technologies to help them better manage their activities.

A more efficient food production line

The technological improvement of management tools will make the manufacturing operations more efficient. The Fidelio ERP software will improve the stock and production management, batch processing, order management as well as product tracking. This implementation will also facilitate the compliance with the current HACCP, SQF and GFSI standards.

Implementing lot management for optimal tracking

With the use of Fidelio’s lot management module, this manufacturer will be able to track products in real time while meeting the current standards.

We can already foresee the multiple benefits Fidelio will bring to the office administrative employees and factory production workers.

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