Our expertise, your success

“Seasonal production planning took 6 weeks before. With Fidelio, it takes 2 days.”

Jonathan Gagné, CIO, Stelpro Design Inc.


The Fidelio Difference

  • A 100% integrated system for all of the company, including manufacturing
  • Ability to meet present and future needs
  • Easy to generate real-time reports
  • Automated purchasing forecast
  • Bar-code scanner stocktaking
  • Close collaboration throughout the implementation
  • New possibilities for production such as touch screens
  • Team availabilities


  • No more manufacturing delays
  • 30% growth without hiring service or manufacturing staff
  • 95% less time required for seasonal planning
  • Reliable control configuration
  • A delivery precision increase from 96% to 99.9%
  • Real-time, precise inventory
  • Integrated e-commerce
  • Streamlined internal communication between the ordering-manufacturing-shipping departments
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