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Fidelio ERP manages production and calculates the cost. It allows you to plan, launch and schedule your production while taking into account customer demand and the availability of human and material resources.

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Plan your manufacturing operations with a master production schedule

Plan your production in batches by taking into account customer demand and the availability of human and material resources. Quickly and easily make changes to your scheduling.


Inventory management and WMS: improve your stock management across multiple locations

See your stock status in real time and track its movement throughout your warehouses. With ERP-integrated WMS, you can also plan for peak period demand and maintain your levels of economic inventory.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM), mobile sales and integrated e-commerce

Quickly access all your customer information within a completely mobile CRM and take orders on a tablet or a smartphone.

Sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by putting your products online. The online purchases made by your customers are synced in the ERP and updated in real time.

Optimize all your company operations

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Master production schedule

Powerful management of sales price lists and discounts

CRM, mobile sales and integrated e-commerce

Purchasing, inventory, and Warehouse Management (WMS)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

KPI Dashboards


“We no longer have delays between the time the order is entered in the system and the start of its production. Information is obtained in real time, increasing the speed at which we process orders. Our inventories are more accurate and we've gone paperless.”

Martin D., Production Manager, Isolofoam

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