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Why are processing, production and food distribution businesses choosing Fidelio ERP? First, we know the best practices of the agri-food industry and its challenges. Second, our extensive expertise in this area has allowed us to develop several industry-specific features.


Security and food traceability: comply with  the strictest standards (SQF, GFSI, HACCP)

Comply with the quality standards of your industry, trace the exact path of your products, get real-time access to relevant data, reduce data entry and minimize the risk of errors.


Inventory management and WMS: improve your stock management across multiple locations

See your stock status in real time and track its movement throughout your warehouses. With ERP-integrated WMS, you can also plan for peak period demand and maintain your levels of economic stock.



Master production schedule: optimize your operations

Plan your production in baches by taking into account client demand and the availability of human and material resources. Quickly and easily make changes to your scheduling.

Popular features for the agri-food industry

Food safety and Compliance

Purchasing, Inventory, and Warehouse Management (WMS)

CRM and mobile sales solutions

Master production schedule

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

KPI Dashboards


“The product recall exercise now takes three times less time and our first audit since Fidelio went very well unlike the previous ones.”

Emmanuel Tedeschi, ERP Project Manager, St-Donat

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