The services and experts available to assist you in the acquisition process.

Beyond the software, there is support and service.

Here at Commsoft Technologies, we take customer success to heart. It’s a point of pride because there’s a little bit of us in the positive outcomes our customers see. To lead you to success, we lay out a very structured path.

Working with us is so easy

We are familiar with the issues and best practices of the manufacturing and distribution industries. And because each SME is unique, we offer the option of developing customized features or of connecting to other software programs.

As your technological partner, Commsoft is committed to being present to ensure the successful implementation of Fidelio in your organization. From the launch of the ERP to its adoption by your employees, your success is what matters most to us.

The team behind Fidelio is Commsoft: more than 60 experts dedicated to optimizing IT processes in organizations. In business for over 20 years, Commsoft Technologies has cumulated a solid expertise.

What does the Fidelio implementation process involve?

Our team ensures the successful implementation of Fidelio ERP thanks to a rigorous and proven method. Keeping your needs in mind, the team provides the structure, the experience and the support you need to meet your objectives.

  • Launch

    The project is elaborated. How? When? Who?

  • Alignment

    The initial data is gathered (customers, suppliers, products, inventories).

  • Customization

    The data is imported and customized as required, super users are trained.

  • Validation

    The data and processes are tested and validated.

  • Final preparation

    Users are trained by our project managers (certified by Emploi Québec).

  • Support

    After the system goes online, it is closely monitored by our technical team.

  • Service

    Once the system is properly implemented, our customer service team is available to respond to emergencies and answer your questions.

  • Optimization

    Continuous improvement is ensured via the integration of new features or modules.

Does the process of ERP selection interest you?

“Fidelio’s automatic sorting has reduced order processing time from 2.5 hours to 5 minutes daily.”

Emmanuel Tedeschi, ERP Project Manager, St-Donat