Why Choose Fidelio?

10 reasons to choose Fidelio ERP

Selecting an ERP is a complicated process.
To help you, here is a 10-point summary of Fidelio’s core benefits:



Optimize your return on investment (ROI).

Your investment has become easier to manage and forecast thanks to the cloud. The cloud allows you to reduce initial IT infrastructure and maintenance costs. Your return on investment is more significant and comes earlier. Yet another advantage: updates to your ERP are simple and automatic.



Access Fidelio from the web, your office and on-the-go.

Fidelio travels with you and your team. When on the road, your representatives can quickly see customer information in the CRM and take their orders on a tablet or a smartphone.


100% Integrated

Unify your business and reduce your operational costs.

Centralize your data for all company’s departments in a single system. Your processes are automated, which eliminates duplicate data and errors. This results in lower operational costs. Fidelio is the solution to improve your processes, improve your efficiency and simplify your company’s IT management.



Easier adoption by your teams.

Take advantage of a modern, intuitive and consistent user experience on PC and mobile. Your employees will benefit from greater ease of use to increase their productivity. Fidelio’s adoption is made easier through customized user profiles based on their role.



Thanks to its API and web services, Fidelio is compatible with every application.

Automate your processes through API and transmit your data between Fidelio and the software used by your customers and teams. It quickly integrates with applications your employees use to centralize all of your company’s data. No more duplicates, forgotten data or re-entries. The API also allows you to become a valued partner for your client.


Developed for your decision-making analyses

Improve your responsiveness: make better and quicker business decisions.

Most people need a programmer to create their reports and key performance indicators: Fidelio does it for you. Get a clear real-time view of your activities, sharpen your decision-making power and response time. And to save even more time, you can schedule sending reports and analyses directly from your email.



Fidelio evolves based on your business needs.

You can add modules over time as your needs grow based on your priorities. Fidelio allows you to start with basic features then add more later when your business grows. Enjoy the system’s feature richness at your own pace.



Fidelio adapts to your business model.

Thanks to the efforts of a large development team working full-time on Fidelio, you will benefit from a system that is constantly updated to use the latest technologies.


Focused on Your Customers

Customer experience at the core of your priority: a competitive advantage.

Offer your customers a service tailored to their needs. Allow them to order your products 24/7 with an e-commerce website directly integrated into Fidelio ERP. Make your communication easier through the new Fidelio customer portal. Whether that is creating quotes, order taking, tracking orders or see their account statuses, your clients are completely self-reliant!


A team that listens

Our team is growing: benefit from continued support.

Fidelio grows and so does our team. There are now 60 experts ready to support you. We have the resources to guide you through all of the features and to efficiently support your projects.

Plus, it is so easy to work with us.