Why Choose Fidelio?

10 reasons to choose Fidelio ERP

Selecting an ERP is a complicated process.
To help you, here is a 10-point summary of Fidelio’s core benefits:


Fully Integrated

No add-ons required. All modules are developed by Fidelio experts.

This allows you to drill down into the entire system to see your data and conduct real-time analysis. All your information is stored in a separate SQL database.


A Complete Solution

Feature-rich: all the features you need to manage your SME in one software system.

Fidelio has all the features you need to support all your business processes.


Intuitive and Easy to Use

Give your employees user-friendly tools.

Fidelio uses familiar technology (Microsoft) that your employees know so they spend less time training. They can adapt quickly and increase their productivity.



Customize your system to your industry-specific requirements.

Fidelio is developed to address the particular needs of SMEs. As developers of the ERP, we can adjust the system to meet your specific needs. The API module also integrates with other systems for greater flexibility.



Mobility is revolutionizing the work of sales forces.

On the road, sales representatives can easily access customer information in the CRM and take orders on a tablet or smartphone. Inventory is updated in real time in the ERP.


Integrated E-commerce

Avoid duplicate data.

The e-commerce module is an integral part of the ERP, once again no add-ons required! This prevents you from having to re-enter data anywhere in your system. All entries are linked to the ERP’s unified database.


Proven Return on Investment

Quickly realize your financial objectives.

Fidelio allows you to increase your productivity to get a better and faster return on investment.


Evolving Technology

Fidelio moves at the pace of new technologies.

Thanks to the efforts of a large development team working full-time on Fidelio, you will benefit from a system that is constantly updated to use the latest technologies.


We are Developers

Work with a development team that is close to you and understands your needs.

Commsoft is a technology partner who listens to you. As the designers of the ERP, we can tailor its features to your needs.


A System that Grows with You

Add modules as you grow.

Fidelio ERP is flexible: it allows you to start with the basics, then add other features later, as your business grows.

Plus, it is so easy to work with us.