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How to Overcome Supply Chain Challenges with New Technologies

[WEBINAR] How to Overcome Supply Chain Challenges with New Technologies

Discover how new technologies and digital transformation can minimize the impact of these obstacles.


KPIs in the Food Industry: The Essential Guide to Manage Healthy Growth in Your Business

[GUIDE] KPIs in the Food Industry: 
The Essential Guide to Manage Healthy
Growth in Your Business

Start making better decisions faster and increase profits.


ERP implementation process for food and beverage businesses

[GUIDE] The Recipe for a Successful ERP Implementation

Lift-off with concise tips and the best practices.

ERP selection process for food and beverage sme

[WHITE PAPER] The Ultimate ERP Selection Guide for Your Food and Beverage SME

With checklists, questions, and tips for a Successful ERP Project.


[WEBINAR] SMEs in the Food and Beverage Industry: How to Choose the Right ERP Software in 5 Easy Steps

Get concrete advice, learn the best practices to choose the best ERP software for your business and find out how to maximize your return on investment.
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[WEBINAR] SMEs in the food and beverage industry: how to successfully digitize your business with Fidelio ERP cloud

Find out why ERP cloud software like Fidelio is perfectly adapted to the needs of food distributors and manufacturers.

After watching our presentation rich with valuable tips and compelling software demonstrations, you’ll understand why opting for Fidelio is opting for simplicity.
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[WEBINAR] How Fidelio ERP facilitates your HACCP, SQF and GFSI certifications

Watch this simple and concise demonstration to find out about Fidelio ERP’s 3 key functionalities that help SMBs in the food and beverage industry ensure product safety and quality.
Discover how to :
> Effectively trace your products to prevent recalls
> Simplify your recall exercises and reduce risks
> Get your HACCP, SQF and GFSI certifications and boost customer confidence
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[WEBINAR] Labour Shortage in the Agri-Food Industry: What if ERP software was your greatest ally? 

Are you a player in the food industry looking for practical solutions to the labour shortage recently exacerbated by the health crisis? Has your sales volume increased despite problems meeting demand due to a lack of qualified candidates?

Consider ERP software!

Though this solution is rarely proposed 
to meet the challenges of recruitment, it has several advantages: automation, mobility, and brand image booster. 
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[GUIDE] Choosing your ERP: An Essential Kit 

Selecting ERP software is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial moments for a director or financial controller.

Choosing the best ERP for your SME is a challenge that is sometimes difficult to overcome. So, how can you make sure your project succeeds? Don’t panic! All you have to do is follow a simple process, step-by-step.

Where do I start? Which steps do I need to take and what are the important things I need to do? How do I properly word things? We make it easier for you with this set of checklists and some advice for each step of the selection process.



[PDF: Fidelio brochure] Fidelio ERP: one solution to manage your entire company.

Fidelio ERP streamlines your business processes and supports you in your growth. Discover all of its advantages and features.