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How Can You Make Managing Price Lists Easier? An Industrial Tooling Distributor Shares Their Experience.

In the distribution sector, we know that price management is of capital importance. Pilot P.B, who has over 500,000 available products and more than 1,500 clients, was looking for a solution that would optimize their business management and become more effective.

The “Home-Made” System Was not Suitable Anymore

Pilot P.B. chose to look toward the future to sustain the company growth. They had to find an IT solution that would allow information centralization and process automation. So, they started the ERP software selection process.

Why Fidelio ERP Software?

Pilot P.B was attracted by Fidelio ERP software because it was complete yet flexible. It was a key asset because of the company's complex price structure.

“Price management is flexible and powerful.”-Lorraine Boucher, CEO

With business growth in mind, the evolving nature of the system was attractive. This ERP software offers a wide variety of modules that the company would be able to implement later, following its growing needs. Everything is integrated, no add-on or any other software required. It was perfect because they didn’t want to deal with several different systems.

Finally, it should be said that they trusted the Commsoft team. They were comforted by the fact that the software is developed here in Quebec by a readily available team. Plus, the team knows the distribution field very well. It was perfect.

How was the transition?

Obviously, change implies some adjustment and a transition period. However, the integration of new work practices was smooth here. Work is easier and employees are pleased with it.

In addition, Pilot P.B. took this opportunity to improve the processes and reduce paper consumption as much as possible. Today, they don’t print orders anymore. Everything takes place in real time in Fidelio management software. It really improves information monitoring and follow-ups.

“I can see at a glance everything that happened during the day.”-Lorraine Boucher, CEO

They are delighted to have a constant overview of the business activity. It helps with monitoring and follow-ups. Also, the great flexibility of the Fidelio ERP software is a significant advantage for them. There’s always an option to help them reach their goals.

The future is bright for Pilot P.B. This industrial equipment supplier already notices great improvements though the software implementation is brand new. Results are already showing: it’s promising.

Read the business case here.

Fidelio's modules that the Pilot P.B. team enjoys:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)