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Stelpro Design Inc.

« Before, the seasonal production planning was taking 6 weeks to do. Since Fidelio, it now takes 2 days. »

Company : Stelpro Design Inc, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
CIO : Jonathan Gagné
Industry : Manufacturer of electric heaters and ventilation units, heating cables and electronic controls

The challenge

For the past 10 years, Stelpro Design Inc. has seen a rapid expansion. In 2000, the business was using a custom-built computer system in a UNIX environment. However, with the years, the leaders started needing more and more real-time information and reports to keep control on their growth. The manufacturing operations needed system to be integrated to the central application to produce this necessary information. As for the clients, they were putting increasing pressure to receive their statements by e-mail. Not being able to answer these new demands, their system was becoming outdated.

Difference made by Fidelio

A 100% integrated system for all the company, including manufacturing
Capacity to answer to present and future needs
Easy to elaborate real-time reports
Automated purchasing forecast
Bar-code scanner stocktaking
Close collaboration throughout the implementation
New possibilities for production such as touch screens
Team availability

The ROIs

Complete elimination of manufacturing delays
30% growth without staff increase in service or manufacturing
95% less time required for seasonal planning
Setting of reliable controls
Delivery precision increase from 96% to 99.9%
Real-time, precise inventory
Integrated e-commerce
Streamlined internal communication between departments orders-manufacturing-shipping

Company profile

Number of employees: 400
Localization: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
In business since: 1986
Implementation: 2007

Fidelio modules used

Finance, sales, point of sale, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, WMS