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Read testimonials from customers who are using daily some of our modules such as; Finance, Analysis and BI, Sales and marketing, Supply and logistics, Manufacturing, Customer service, Project management, HR and payroll, etc.

La Petite Bretonne
« Everything is easier and intuitive with Fidelio: search, analyze and control our data, prepare our purchase orders, manage our inventory or make buyback. »
Audrey Laurin, VP of Finances and Administration, La Petite Bretonne
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Argon 18
« At the same time as the implementation of Fidelio, our company lived a great growth. Within 3 years we went from 34 to 55 employees. This growth definitely wouldn’t have had the same impact without a software such as Fidelio. »
Frédéric Piché, IT Manager, Argon 18
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Jacmar Automation
« Within one year our return on investment was made. It’s mainly due to a better management of supplier discounts. With Fidelio, we were able to double our claims compared with the previous year when everything was managed manually. »
Gabriel Jacques, vice-president, Jacmar Automation
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Pilot P.B.
« I can see at a glance what is going on in my business thanks to Fidelio. In three words: control, tracking and flexibility. »
Lorraine Boucher, CEO, Pilot P.B.
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Les Dépendances
« On the road, our sales force can access to the CRM and view very quickly customer information and take orders with a tablet or a smart phone. It is a real added value for my company. »
Nicolas Lenoir, vice-president, J.U. Houle Distribution
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J.U. Houle Distribution
« We have greatly improved the profitability of our business. »
Pierre Houle, vice-president, J.U. Houle Distribution
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Stelpro Design
« Before, the seasonal production planning was taking 6 weeks to do. Since Fidelio, it now takes 2 days. »
Jonathan Gagné, CIO, Stelpro Design
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Les Distributions Mondoux Inc.
« Commsoft understands a business. There is no limit to the solutions proposed by the team. »
Luc Deaudelin, CFO, Distributions Mondoux
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« Fidelio is very stable. In 7 years, we’ve had no production interruption. »
Martin Deblois, CIO, Groupe Isolofoam
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« With my Fidelio e-commerce, I increased my sales by 20 percent without adding staff. »
Martine Legault, president, Distam
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Liquidation Plomberie Mascouche
« The biggest benefit with Fidelio is improving customer service. »
Mélanie carrier, operations manager, Liquidations Plomberie Mascouche
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