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Manufacturing ERP Software 

Optimize your manufacturing operations

« We have no more delay between the time the order is entered in the system and the time at which its manufacturing is started. The information is live and it increases the speed at which we treat manufacturing orders. Our inventories are more precise and we completely eliminated paper. » -Martin Deblois, Isolofoam

Fidelio manages continuous or custom manufacturing and calculates the job cost. It plans, launches and schedules your fabrications according to customer demand and availability of human resources.

Your business challenges

Avoid downtimes
Plan resources
Produce according to demand
Improve control on manufacturing processes


Operate fast changes in the manufacturing planning
Optimize manufacturing planning
Align procurement with production
Calculate the production cost
Anticipate and reduce bottlenecks
Register times on the production line


Fabrication recipes and estimates
Resources planning
Time entry
Job cost
Product configurator
Production stats
Quality control