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10 Reasons to Choose Commsoft 

  1. Functional diversity

    Benefit from a wide range of features with no add-on

    Fidelio includes the necessary features to support all of your business’ processes, managing them in an integrated manner, according to industry best practices.

  2. Productivity

    Obtain the best cost-benefit ration on the market

    Acquiring Fidelio becomes a true investment since it allows you to rapidly increase your productivity and offers you the best cost-benefit ratio on the market so you can obtain your ROI quickly.

  3. Complete integration

    Integrate all your processes in one single application

    Fidelio offers an integrated processes management, using a unique SQL database, which allows you to drill-down throughout the entire system, to consult your data and to perform your analyses in real time.

  4. Costs reduction

    Decrease your costs in all of your business' sectors

    The business processes included in Fidelio help you improve and rationalize your activities, decreasing thereby your operating costs and human mistakes, for a better productivity.

  5. Flexibility

    Demand that your system answers to your needs

    Fidelio is developed to answer local SMB’s specific needs. It includes industry best practices and offers the possibility to customize its processes to your special needs.

  6. Evolution

    Use an up-to-date system that modernizes as fast technology

    Through the work of our large development team working on improving Fidelio, you benefit from a constantly updated system which always uses the last technologies.

  7. Integrated e-commerce

    Operate a transactional e-commerce Website integrated to your system

    Fidelio is the only enterprise software to include a web commerce electronic portal which is completely integrated to the rest of your system and that is not an add-on, so you don’t have to re-enter the data into your accounting system. You then benefit from a new sales agent that works for you automatically, 24/7, and on a new market.

  8. Intuitivity

    Offer your employees easy to understand work tools

    Fidelio is an ergonomic and intuitive tool which utilizes Microsoft Technologies known by your employees in order to reduce the time you spend training them. They rapidly become independent and their productivity increases.

  9. Growth

    Integrate an adapted application that will grow with your business

    Fidelio guarantees intrinsic stability and a functional diversity that will support your activities all along your enterprise’s growth.

  10. Developer

    Work with a developer near you who understands your reality

    Acquiring Fidelio, you will obtain support from a technological partner who listens to your needs. Our team knows well the system, as well as your business and is ready to be present at any moment to insure the success of your implementation.