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100% made in Quebec… Yes, it is still possible in the clothing industry!

April 09, 2018

But being resourceful is essential to achieve it. How can one be competitive despite the pressure put on by foreign countries? For Duray, a woollen sock producer for over 75 years, it began with the automation of the machinery. Now, it is the management of the enterprise that will be optimised.

It is in the two factories and the administrative offices of the Princeville manufacturer, that the Fidelio ERP software will be implemented very soon.

After the automation of the production, it is now the optimization of the company's operations with the Fidelio ERP software that will allow Duray to remain competitive despite the pressure put on by foreign markets.
“The woollen technique of wool carding has been passed down for centuries. Originally done by hand, carding is now done using high-tech computerised machinery.” - Duray

The automation of the production means large inventory to manage, and this is where the Fidelio ERP software will make a difference. Also, production management will be optimised in terms of planning and scheduling. It has been a while since the authentic woollen sock has been handmade at Duray. However, with Fidelio, the management of the company and its operations will enter the modern era.

The Commsoft Technologies team is proud to contribute to the success of a Quebec company that helps create jobs here:

"It’s a point of pride that our socks are produced entirely in Canada" - Duray

How did Fidelio stand out as a management system?

According to the Duray team, Fidelio was able to carve out a place for itself among the initial choices thanks to the balance between the quality of the product (functionalities), the answer to Duray’s needs, and the cost.

Furthermore, the organization of the information and the clarity of the interface (HUI) helped Fidelio to stand out. With Fidelio one can visualize the company, its information, and all that it entails.

Finally, Duray felt confident about its decision thanks to the availability, expertise, and authenticity of the Fidelio representative.

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