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A meat processor chooses Fidelio to manage its plant efficiently

January 31, 2018

This new client has been a meat processor for many years. They were looking for an IT partner that would be able to provide them with a complete management system meeting all their needs. Then, they found Commsoft Technologies.

A meat processing plant will use Fidelio ERP software to manage its business activities.

A 100% Integrated System

This meat processor will benefit from an ERP software that collects all the information in a single database: that will allow them to have a complete view of all the business operations as well as facilitate data drilling. Indeed, one of the client’s main goals was to be able to access all data through the system in real time.

Eliminate Double Entries and Go Paperless

Always looking for improvements and efficiency, it was very important to them to find a way to eliminate double or triple data entries. This would eliminate errors, and thus, optimize the tasks of the employees and administration. Finally, modernizing a plant involves the establishment of a paperless environment, which is both efficient, economical and ecological.

It is easy to predict that this project will have a great impact on business processes. Once implemented, Fidelio will provide comfort and peace of mind.

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