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How to manage the growth of an SME? Your best ally is Fidelio ERP software. Argon 18 shares its story.

November 07, 2017

High-end bikes distributed over 70 different countries, a victory at Tour de France or a bronze medal at the summer Olympic games in Rio, discover the amazing growth of Argon 18! Frédéric Piché, IT Director, shares with us his observations regarding the major contribution of Fidelio ERP software to the company’s growth. When passion and business lead to a prodigious success…

The start gate

After ending his career as a professional cyclist in 1990, a career which made him three-time Canadian Road Champion and which allowed him to compete at the 1988 Olympics Games in Seoul, Gervais Rioux founded Argon 18. The company handles the design, the engineering and the manufacturing of those high-end performance bikes distributed all around the world.

Now a world leader, the company has been growing since its creation; going from success to success. However, when an SMB reaches a certain stage of expansion, expertise is no longer sufficient and administrative tasks can slow down the company’s growth if they aren’t optimized.

Designing and manufacturing bikes for the entire Danish track cycling team within a year is the kind of challenge that Argon 18 is able to face. The implementation of an ERP system has allowed Argon 18 to achieve its ambitious goals…

Fidelio ERP software helped the manufacturer and distributor Argon 18 manage its growth.

The breakaway

In cycling lingo, a breakaway refers to the moment when one or several runners break away from the pack to occupy the top position of the race. One of the assets that supported Argon 18 in its amazing breakaway was the implementation of the Fidelio ERP software. Within 3 years, the SMB went from 34 to 55 employees. How did Fidelio help propel Argon 18 towards its current success?

« This growth definitely wouldn’t have had the same impact without software such as Fidelio. » Frédéric Piché, information systems manager at Argon 18

Consistent and centralized information

In this case, the consistence of the information is the key. Previously, Argon 18 used a “homemade” database, an accounting system, and a payroll system. Information duplication was common, and the potential to make mistakes was high. With Fidelio ERP software, accounts receivable and payable are linked to the inventory, and everything is accessible in one spot. Accounting management linked to inventory now allows for a better view of the operations in real time. For example, the purchase suggestion module with transit location facilitates the evaluation of manufacturing potential. By having access to the reception dates of the raw materials, it’s now possible to precisely predict the delivery date of an order.

Overall, they didn’t want to deal anymore with paper bills to be entered manually in the accounting system, and then in the database. It was necessary to centralize the data so that the administrative management tasks wouldn’t be a burden refraining the company from reaching its full potential growth.

How does the purchase suggestion works in Fidelio ERP software? Contact us for more details.

The yellow jersey

The consecration of a cyclist is symbolized by the yellow jersey. The reputation of Argon 18 is well established, but then, how did the company’s success become reality and how did the Fidelio ERP software play a major role in it?

Improving customer satisfaction with e-commerce

For Argon 18, e-commerce is only effective on a B2B level: with its shops and retail distributors. The company uses this module to optimize order taking and follow-ups.

The time spent by the customer service to handle inventory requests, to enter orders in the system or to answer price requests is significantly reduced. Customer satisfaction is increased because they have access to all the information they need in a click. No more wasted time and frustration!

From now on, it’s possible for their retail distribution customers to access real-time inventory and place orders based on available stocks anywhere around the world. Therefore, Argon 18 doesn’t lose sales: the retailer is able to take orders on the spot with the customer. Buyers are prevented from going somewhere else while waiting for an answer.

In short, the company is much more responsive thanks to the data available in the e-commerce module.

Any question about e-commerce with Fidelio ERP software? Contact us!

Flexibility and future opportunities

From a technical point of view, the flexibility and the ability to customize the system have greatly helped making a difference in optimizing their business processes. Plus, when you have some programming skills like Frederic Piche, this freedom of customization is much appreciated.

An ERP system is therefore the best ally that a company can have in times of strong growth.
Mission accomplished for Fidelio ERP software at Argon18!

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