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Maçonnex selects Fidelio ERP software

June 05, 2018

This leading distributor of masonry, high-end exterior wall cladding and landscaping products will team up with Commsoft Technologies, the Fidelio ERP developer, to optimize the management of its business. The company's old DOS system will be replaced by our powerful ERP software.

Maçonnex, a product distribution company, selects Fidelio ERP software

An efficient inventory system to manage 9 stores, 200,000 products and 120 employees

Fidelio ERP software will help optimize inventory management across all the stores. Many features are expected to appeal greatly to the employees at Maçonnex: real-time tracking of merchandise transfers, in store availability expected date as well as product search made easy.

Avoiding data entry errors

Centralizing the information in the ERP system will avoid double and triple data entry. In the past, the same information could be written in different files or even on paper. In the future, the information will be written once in the ERP software, and everyone involved will have access to it.

Improving billing process

Billing is another important aspect that will be facilitated following the implementation of ERP Fidelio.

Integrated e-commerce for real-time inventory updates

Maçonnex’s online store will be integrated into the ERP software. All products will then be linked in real time to the inventory while the transactions will appear automatically in the accounting records.

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Fromagerie Bergeron gets a more efficient management system

May 22, 2018

Commsoft Technologies, the Fidelio ERP software developer, is proud of its recently signed agreement with Fromagerie Bergeron. Located in St-Antoine-de-Tilly, on the south shore of Quebec City, this food processing company has been producing fresh and fine quality cheeses for almost 30 years.

Fromagerie Bergeron is a food processing company in full growth.

Fidelio ERP system stands out

In order to embrace its growth, Fromagerie Bergeron understood the importance of managing the company with a powerful solution tailored to its needs.

During the selection process of the management software, the Fidelio ERP stood out among the biggest names in the industry. Indeed, the Commsoft Technologies team has great knowledge of food industry best practices and its Fidelio ERP software offers features adapted to the needs of growing food companies:

Since the ERP Fidelio system was designed here in Quebec, a great collaboration is to be expected. Business process analysis will begin shortly.

This major step in the development of Fromagerie Bergeron will begin soon begin. Keep watching!

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100% made in Quebec… Yes, it is still possible in the clothing industry!

April 09, 2018

But being resourceful is essential to achieve it. How can one be competitive despite the pressure put on by foreign countries? For Duray, a woollen sock producer for over 75 years, it began with the automation of the machinery. Now, it is the management of the enterprise that will be optimised.

It is in the two factories and the administrative offices of the Princeville manufacturer, that the Fidelio ERP software will be implemented very soon.

After the automation of the production, it is now the optimization of the company's operations with the Fidelio ERP software that will allow Duray to remain competitive despite the pressure put on by foreign markets.
“The woollen technique of wool carding has been passed down for centuries. Originally done by hand, carding is now done using high-tech computerised machinery.” - Duray

The automation of the production means large inventory to manage, and this is where the Fidelio ERP software will make a difference. Also, production management will be optimised in terms of planning and scheduling. It has been a while since the authentic woollen sock has been handmade at Duray. However, with Fidelio, the management of the company and its operations will enter the modern era.

The Commsoft Technologies team is proud to contribute to the success of a Quebec company that helps create jobs here:

"It’s a point of pride that our socks are produced entirely in Canada" - Duray

How did Fidelio stand out as a management system?

According to the Duray team, Fidelio was able to carve out a place for itself among the initial choices thanks to the balance between the quality of the product (functionalities), the answer to Duray’s needs, and the cost.

Furthermore, the organization of the information and the clarity of the interface (HUI) helped Fidelio to stand out. With Fidelio one can visualize the company, its information, and all that it entails.

Finally, Duray felt confident about its decision thanks to the availability, expertise, and authenticity of the Fidelio representative.

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A meat processor chooses Fidelio to manage its plant efficiently

January 31, 2018

This new client has been a meat processor for many years. They were looking for an IT partner that would be able to provide them with a complete management system meeting all their needs. Then, they found Commsoft Technologies.

A meat processing plant will use Fidelio ERP software to manage its business activities.

A 100% Integrated System

This meat processor will benefit from an ERP software that collects all the information in a single database: that will allow them to have a complete view of all the business operations as well as facilitate data drilling. Indeed, one of the client’s main goals was to be able to access all data through the system in real time.

Eliminate Double Entries and Go Paperless

Always looking for improvements and efficiency, it was very important to them to find a way to eliminate double or triple data entries. This would eliminate errors, and thus, optimize the tasks of the employees and administration. Finally, modernizing a plant involves the establishment of a paperless environment, which is both efficient, economical and ecological.

It is easy to predict that this project will have a great impact on business processes. Once implemented, Fidelio will provide comfort and peace of mind.

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A Quebec distributor chooses Fidelio ERP system to optimize the management of its 11 gas stations/convenience stores.

January 18, 2018

In business for 25 years, this new client supplies their gas stations/convenience stores with numerous products. They recently chose the Fidelio ERP system and its team to optimize and modernize their business processes.

Fidelio ERP software will be the management tool for the 11  gas stations.

Centralized operations

With the implementation of Fidelio ERP software, especially the point-of-sale (POS) module, information coming from the 11 stores will be centralized. Once network operation will be put into effect, management will be more efficient. Double data entry will be eliminated, and an overview of real-time operations will be possible.

Optimal inventory management

Having access to a real-time retail inventory will optimize purchasing operations. An overview of the products in inventory will allow each employee to know if a product that is out of stock at one location is available at another one.

We are already able to anticipate that this project will be a great success for this distributor!

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Optimizing two food factories with the Fidelio ERP: La Petite Bretonne and Commsoft Technologies are great partners.

December 05, 2017

In Quebec, La Petite Bretonne is well-renowned. Its products are must-haves in the pastry and bakery departments of large and small grocery stores. Moreover, most of us already have eaten the brand’s mini-croissants or “chocolatines”. However, behind these pastries that brighten up our breakfast tables lays a rigorous management of manufacturing operations and distribution…

La Petite Bretonne’s automated and integrated factory. It is managed with ERP Fidelio, management software that has proven its value in the food industry.

Find the right “recipe”: The selection process of the ERP system

Preparing a million mini-croissants takes a day for La Petite Bretonne. In contrast, selecting the right ERP system for their needs and goals took them a year, and for good reason! We can’t say it enough: an ERP system is the best ally to gain productivity and competitiveness. Audrey Laurin, VP of Finances and Administration, understood it well. That’s why she put together a team of people from each factory and department of the company to identify and prioritize all the business processes and functional needs that needed be optimized.

Selecting such a central strategic tool is a long-term investment that must meet current needs and potential changes in business realities. It was therefore necessary to plan for the future and choose an evolutive ERP system that could support them for many years.

Audrey Laurin and her colleagues were looking for a team capable of adapting the ERP system to their requirements. In short, they were looking for a designer, not just an integrator. Also, the fact that Commsoft Technologies is a company based in Montreal was an important asset. Indeed, having its ERP software provider nearby and collaborating between Quebec SMEs – consequently speaking the same business language – makes it easier to configure some features. For example, the buy-back process was a crucial point for La Petite Bretonne. Therefore, Fidelio’s experts took the lead to perform a demonstration devoted to this process. They presented the already existing features and discussed the possibilities of improvements based on special requests.

Finally, finding the right recipe is a question of collaboration, communication and teamwork!

Benefits of the ERP software implementation

Promote data analysis

« We didn’t want to be data entry clerks anymore »

The manufacturer did not want to spend more time than necessary on management system data entry anymore. Time spent analyzing data and implementing business strategies should be promoted. This is why it was important to rebalance the hours to free up time for value-added tasks.

Improve checkpoints

« Cashing a check is cashing a check. But…»

The whole control process is interesting. For example, creating purchase orders which, as soon as they are received, are directly transformed into invoices is a great advantage, especially when the inventory is linked to it in real time. Following costs and quantities, knowing if everything is right at each stage, all of this is facilitated with the automation carried out by the ERP Fidelio software.

In other words, system trust enables reduction and improvement of the different checkpoints!

Optimize the heart of billing

« For us, the heart of billing is the buy-back process »

Previously, the buy-back process had no flexibility. Commsoft Technologies’ and La Petite Bretonne’s teams worked together to customize Fidelio ERP system according to their business needs.

Every detail matters

« Performing a search in Fidelio is super convenient! »

This may seem like an insignificant detail but winning time also happens when searching within the ERP software. Not having to close a window to open another one thanks to a powerful drilling mechanism or being able to perform searches with a word or a product code without considering capital letters and other special characters saves considerable time.

Harmony is on the cards!

Every need is filled, according to priorities. Whether it is the human or the machine, everything works in symbiosis. As the needs evolve, features are developed or simply implemented when already offered within Fidelio.

It is this harmony that makes La Petite Bretonne happy with its choice and that makes the Fidelio’s team so proud to count the manufacturer among its client.

La Petite Bretonne in few dates…

1966 Creation of La Petite Bretonne. At the early beginning, Serge Bohec took care of everything: purchases, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, billing, collection and started over the next day. At the age of 18, he cooked his little madeleines in the family oven.

1999 Purchase of a second factory in Joliette. Initially looking for a tunnel oven, which is very difficult to transport, the choice was made to buy the entire factory instead!

2006 Construction of the current Blainville factory. The high demand saturated the production capacity of the already existing Blainville factory.

2014 Innovation with the implementation of the Fidelio ERP System.

Read the case study here.

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How to manage the growth of an SME? Your best ally is Fidelio ERP software. Argon 18 shares its story.

November 07, 2017

High-end bikes distributed over 70 different countries, a victory at Tour de France or a bronze medal at the summer Olympic games in Rio, discover the amazing growth of Argon 18! Frédéric Piché, IT Director, shares with us his observations regarding the major contribution of Fidelio ERP software to the company’s growth. When passion and business lead to a prodigious success…

The start gate

After ending his career as a professional cyclist in 1990, a career which made him three-time Canadian Road Champion and which allowed him to compete at the 1988 Olympics Games in Seoul, Gervais Rioux founded Argon 18. The company handles the design, the engineering and the manufacturing of those high-end performance bikes distributed all around the world.

Now a world leader, the company has been growing since its creation; going from success to success. However, when an SMB reaches a certain stage of expansion, expertise is no longer sufficient and administrative tasks can slow down the company’s growth if they aren’t optimized.

Designing and manufacturing bikes for the entire Danish track cycling team within a year is the kind of challenge that Argon 18 is able to face. The implementation of an ERP system has allowed Argon 18 to achieve its ambitious goals…

Fidelio ERP software helped the manufacturer and distributor Argon 18 manage its growth.

The breakaway

In cycling lingo, a breakaway refers to the moment when one or several runners break away from the pack to occupy the top position of the race. One of the assets that supported Argon 18 in its amazing breakaway was the implementation of the Fidelio ERP software. Within 3 years, the SMB went from 34 to 55 employees. How did Fidelio help propel Argon 18 towards its current success?

« This growth definitely wouldn’t have had the same impact without software such as Fidelio. » Frédéric Piché, information systems manager at Argon 18

Consistent and centralized information

In this case, the consistence of the information is the key. Previously, Argon 18 used a “homemade” database, an accounting system, and a payroll system. Information duplication was common, and the potential to make mistakes was high. With Fidelio ERP software, accounts receivable and payable are linked to the inventory, and everything is accessible in one spot. Accounting management linked to inventory now allows for a better view of the operations in real time. For example, the purchase suggestion module with transit location facilitates the evaluation of manufacturing potential. By having access to the reception dates of the raw materials, it’s now possible to precisely predict the delivery date of an order.

Overall, they didn’t want to deal anymore with paper bills to be entered manually in the accounting system, and then in the database. It was necessary to centralize the data so that the administrative management tasks wouldn’t be a burden refraining the company from reaching its full potential growth.

How does the purchase suggestion works in Fidelio ERP software? Contact us for more details.

The yellow jersey

The consecration of a cyclist is symbolized by the yellow jersey. The reputation of Argon 18 is well established, but then, how did the company’s success become reality and how did the Fidelio ERP software play a major role in it?

Improving customer satisfaction with e-commerce

For Argon 18, e-commerce is only effective on a B2B level: with its shops and retail distributors. The company uses this module to optimize order taking and follow-ups.

The time spent by the customer service to handle inventory requests, to enter orders in the system or to answer price requests is significantly reduced. Customer satisfaction is increased because they have access to all the information they need in a click. No more wasted time and frustration!

From now on, it’s possible for their retail distribution customers to access real-time inventory and place orders based on available stocks anywhere around the world. Therefore, Argon 18 doesn’t lose sales: the retailer is able to take orders on the spot with the customer. Buyers are prevented from going somewhere else while waiting for an answer.

In short, the company is much more responsive thanks to the data available in the e-commerce module.

Any question about e-commerce with Fidelio ERP software? Contact us!

Flexibility and future opportunities

From a technical point of view, the flexibility and the ability to customize the system have greatly helped making a difference in optimizing their business processes. Plus, when you have some programming skills like Frederic Piche, this freedom of customization is much appreciated.

An ERP system is therefore the best ally that a company can have in times of strong growth.
Mission accomplished for Fidelio ERP software at Argon18!

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Read the business case here.

How to pay back your ERP software within a year + Gabriel Jacques’s TOP 5 favorites.

October 11, 2017

In 2014, Jacmar Automation acquired the Fidelio ERP software. A year later, this investment was already paid for thanks to the management software’s benefits. How was this possible? …We went back to the roots to answer that question.

The trigger

Why change for a new management software? “ We wanted to jump into the 2000’s.”, candidly presents Gabriel Jacques, vice-president and co-owner of Jacmar Automation, distributor of electronic components and integrator of automated systems. Indeed, the previous DOS system did no longer match their expectations. They dreamed of a better control over project costs, of a more rigorous inventory management, of online transactions… In short, the company needed a more efficient management software that would give them control over their data while saving time.

The revolution

During the interview, the enthusiasm is tangible. Fidelio didn’t disappoint. “ Fidelio completely changed our business.” , says Gabriel Jacques. The economic returns are concrete and work is done more easily. It’s in the numbers and that’s something to be proud of!

The magic (a return on investment within a year!)

Where Fidelio literally exceeded expectations is at the supplier discount management level. In the end, they were able to double their claims compared with the previous year. This strongly contributed to the excellent return on investment. Actually, it’s Gabriel Jacques’s TOP favorite advantage.

How does it work? How to reach such results? Contact us for more details.

Jacmar Automation, distributor of electronic components and integrator of automated systems, optimizes its business management by implementing Fidelio ERP software.

FAVORITE #2 - Delivery management

Life is no longer the same with delivery management: everything is now automated. What took a day to achieve now takes one or two hours. And we do more! Before, it would have been unthinkable to attempt to do so many follow-ups with the customer about planned delivery dates. That would have been too complicated to manage.

We would have a lot to say about this (multisupplier purchase suggestions, min/max management, automated direct deliveries etc.). Every detail of delivery management fascinates us! Are you interested? Contact us to know how Fidelio could help you.

FAVORITE #3 - Inventory management

There are much fewer delivery and inventory errors than before. The inventory management has improved significantly.

FAVORITE #4 -Price management

Maximal efficiency and autonomy. No longer needing to deal with an external firm to update their prices, Jacmar Automation took control of their data. Everything is up to date, there’s no processing time.

FAVORITE #5 - Custom performance indicators

Tracking everything in real time is fascinating and that inspires to take action, to take the right decisions. Jacmar Automation even went as far as creating a report to visualize its presence throughout Quebec: on the map, smaller or bigger points testify to the company’s activity. It must be said that Gabriel Jacques is pretty good in SQL programming, but otherwise, the Fidelio team is there to take care of it!

In brief, process automation is the absolute best!

In the era of smart factories, the industrial distributor also finds its interest with Fidelio. Take advantage of our expert advice by planning a free personalized consultation.

How was the choice of the ERP software made at the very beginning of the adventure?

What made Fidelio stand out from other ERP software when it was the time to select a new system? The key factor in that choice was the ability of the Commsoft Technologies team to develop functionalities for Jacmar Automation, according to their needs. Since the Fidelio development team is based in Quebec, nearby in Montreal, the company foresaw a much more fluid and flexible communication that would promote solutions, side by side.

We can guess that they made the right choice…

Are you an industrial distributor too?

Read the business case here.

How to Make Price List Management Easier? This Specialized Industrial Equipment Supplier Shares its Experience.

September 06, 2017

In the field of distribution, it’s known that price management is a matter of utmost importance. With more than 500,000 available items and more than 1,500 customers, Pilot P.B. was looking for a solution to optimize business management and gain efficiency.

The “Home-Made” System Was not Suitable Anymore

Pilot P.B. chose to look toward the future to sustain the company growth. They had to find an IT solution that would allow information centralization and process automation. So, they started the ERP software selection process.

Why Fidelio ERP Software?

Pilot P.B was attracted by Fidelio ERP software because it was complete yet flexible. It was a key asset because of the company's complex price structure.

“Price management is flexible and powerful.” -Lorraine Boucher, CEO

With business growth in mind, the evolving nature of the system was attractive. This ERP software offers a wide variety of modules that the company would be able to implement later, following its growing needs. Everything is integrated, no add-on or any other software required. It was perfect because they didn’t want to deal with several different systems.

Finally, it should be said that they trusted the Commsoft team. They were comforted by the fact that the software is developed here in Quebec by a readily available team. Plus, the team knows the distribution field very well. It was perfect.

How was the transition?

Obviously, change implies some adjustment and a transition period. However, the integration of new work practices was smooth here. Work is easier and employees are pleased with it.

In addition, Pilot P.B. took this opportunity to improve the processes and reduce paper consumption as much as possible. Today, they don’t print orders anymore. Everything takes place in real time in Fidelio management software. It really improves information monitoring and follow-ups.

“I can see at a glance everything that happened during the day.” -Lorraine Boucher, CEO

They are delighted to have a constant overview of the business activity. It helps with monitoring and follow-ups. Also, the great flexibility of the Fidelio ERP software is a significant advantage for them. There’s always an option to help them reach their goals.

The future is bright for Pilot P.B. This industrial equipment supplier already notices great improvements though the software implementation is brand new. Results are already showing: it’s promising.

Read the business case here.

Fidelio's modules that the Pilot P.B. team enjoys:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

A food processing factory chooses Fidelio to improve its processes

July 31, 2017

A leader in the food processing industry since 2010, this new customer produces frozen and pasteurized dishes as well as several varieties of sauces. The company has chosen Fidelio and Commsoft Technologies’ services to help optimizing its operations.

A more efficient food production line

The technological improvement of management tools will make the manufacturing operations more efficient. The Fidelio ERP software will improve the stock and production management, batch processing, order management as well as product tracking. This implementation will also facilitate the compliance with the current HACCP, SQF and GFSI standards.

Implementing lot management for optimal tracking

With the use of Fidelio’s lot management module, this manufacturer will be able to track products in real time while meeting the current standards.

We can already foresee the multiple benefits Fidelio will bring to the office administrative employees and factory production workers.

Contact us for a free demonstration of the Fidelio ERP software.

Very proud of the work of our team in association with the Econofitness gyms!

July 12, 2017

A few months ago, Éconofitness turned to the Commsoft Technologies team to help them in the optimization of their processes. Pursuing their mission to offer the lowest price lists, Éconofitness knew that the Fidelio ERP software would be an asset to reduce the costs bound to the management of the subscriptions.

Now, it’s a success!

Now, it’s a success: business practices were completely reviewed for an optimal process, features exceeds the expectations of the customer, a new member space was created to reduce the costs of operations in fitness centers, employees are quickly trained, the customer experience is very pleasant and goodbye paper, everything is made online! Now, Éconofitness rhyme with paperleSS ;)!

See the scope of the ERP Fidelio software:
Discover the concept of the Econofitness gyms:

New corporate look

September 28, 2012
After more than a year and a half of work, Commsoft Technologies launches its new visual identity that consists in a new logo and a new graphic signature which is sleek and up to date. Through this new visual identity, which reflects the evolution of the company during the past 10 years, Commsoft Technologies intends to gain visibility, credibility and wants to establish itself as the leader of Quebec computerized management solutions (ERP) with Fidelio.

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